NOLO CV1是由NOLO Co., Ltd.自主研发的全球首款6自由度移动VR交互设备。用户只需使用自己的安卓手机+Cardboard或Gear VR+NOLO CV1,即可随时随地获得类似PC VR的全沉浸式6-DoF移动VR体验,从而为普通消费者带来一种全新的娱乐游戏方式。

NOLO CV1 is the world’s first-ever 6-DoF mobile vr motion tracking kit developed by NOLO Co., Ltd. By attaching NOLO CV1 + Cardboard or  Gear VR + Android Smartphone, consumers could get fully-immersive experience as similar to have with PC VR, and enjoy 6-DoF mobile VR gameplay at anytime, anywhere, Therefore our customers are introduced to a brand new way to have fun and to get entertained in the games.

本次 VRCORE Awards,NOLO 将为“最佳移动交互奖”提供支持。参加比赛的团队均可以申请开发者套件,请填写下表并提交,之后会有工作人员同您联系。

In 2018 VRCORE Awards, NOLO will support Best Mobile Interactive Award. The developers can apply developing tools. Please fill the following form and the staff will contact with you after submitting.